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Founded in 2003, Arhis is a Public Limited Company with its headquarters in Bern Area, Switzerland, and local offices in Spain, UK and Hong Kong.

Why Arhis
In 2003, a group of Commerce One EMEA professionals with deep, broad technical and functional expertise combined their expertise to create Arhis, a dynamic and innovative provider of information technology consulting services. The initial focus was to provide services and support for installations of Commerce One's SRM and B2B portals subsequent to Commerce One's collapse.
Transition to MDM

With the emergence of Customer Data Integration (CDI) technology in 2003, Arhis decided to invest in this new technology. CDI later transitioned into MDM, and Arhis is therefore one of the earliest adopters of what is now called MDM solutions.

Arhis, the delivery MDM Company

We are proud to say that Arhis is now a clear leader in MDM implementations with more than 30 success stories in many different industries, including banking, retail and utilities.