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Master data management (MDM) is a software-based solution that ensures a company can have one and the same set of critical reference data available across all its business IT systems – always up to date and always correct. This can greatly improve business efficiency and return on investment.

From a more technical perspective, the MDM solution requires multiple steps leading up to clean and unique master data. First the master information is decoupled from the applications that created it. The data is then cleansed, deduplicated and normalized before being pulled together in one system to provide a single, unified view across business processes, transactional systems, and analytical systems. When updates are done to MDM data from one system, the data is updated in a central repository and made available to all other systems using it. Up-to-date and unique data is thus served to the using applications at all times.


MDM Styles, MDM Domains:

Arhis has managed Master Data Management (MDM) projects in various implementation styles (Consolidation, Coexistence, Centralized, Registry styles) as well as various domains depending on the industry.


MDM Expertise

Having played a leading role in the MDM domain since 2003, Arhis has extensive technical and functional expertise in all areas of MDM implementation, from design to implementation and maintenance, covering all the required Technologies and Services described below



Resolves data conflicts across multiple systems, properly structures and enriches data regardless of their origin, ensures data uniqueness, and facilitates efficient integration with other systems



Efficient business processes and data flows are established. Master data is properly created and maintained. Enterprise-wide master data governance policies and processes are adhered to, thanks to robust workflows and approval mechanisms


DQ - Data Quality

Arhis applies the full potential of sophisticated algorithms for this important activity. Data is cleansed and validated, duplicates identified and removed, data is brought into standardized structures and enriched with external data


ETL - Technology

These technologies enable effective communication between applications regardless of databases or formats used by each. All types of data can be extracted, transformed, aggregated and distributed



Specific project competencies

MDM can be implemented different ways, for different purposes. We are experienced in all of these, across multiple industries, whether for Customer Data Integration or Assets. So whatever your requirements are, Arhis has the full range of MDM expertise required.

Implementation Services

Arhis provides the technical expertise and industry knowledge to implement your MDM such that it quickly shows real value-add

Upgrades and Migrations Services

For upgrades and migrations, technical expertise and in-depth software knowledge is required, as well as standardized methodology and tools. Arhis provides it all.