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Arhis conducts the largest MDM projects

Having been in the MDM business since its inception in 2003, and having partnered with the very first vendors of credible solutions, Arhis has had a unique opportunity to develop unparalleled MDM implementation skills. This extensive experience, together with Arhis MDM Factory, has recently allowed us to implement MDM two to three times faster than previously.

Our capabilities span multiple domains, multiple industries, and all MDM styles.

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Arhis delivers

Arhis has developped multi-domains, multi-industries, multi-MD styles MDM capabilities.

Using our proprietary Arhis One Methodology, which in turn leverages Arhis MDM Factory, we consistently deliver MDM projects on time, to the required quality and within budget. Quality and predictability is assured. This has, in turn, led to Arhis being awarded several large RFPs and having been selected as Prime Integrator.

Arhis One key points are :

  • It is an iterative approach
  • It allows the project team to deliver a MDM Vanila Version at early stage
  • It leverages Arhis MDM Factory tools

Arhis commits

Given our extensive project experience, we commit on fixed price projects when we firmly believe that we can deliver.

Arhis can save your project
MDM projects frequently start with wrong expectations, wrong methodology and little integrator expertise. Arhis always assesses the situation and proposes alternative design or project phasing if we consider expectations to be unrealistic