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Effective operations support

Providing support once the MDM hub is live can be done the "traditional" way – or the Arhis way.

The "traditional" way, i.e. the way it has been done for years by large integrators, has several flaws: Required skills remain with, or are transferred to, external companies Painful contract discussions SLA not respected The external integrator makes money by working slowly or coming up with new work

The Arhis approach to operations support:

Our approach combines Insourced Staff and Arhis MDM Factory for greater flexibility and control, reduced cost and increased ownership. Insourced personal is usually local staff which was involved in the project. The local support team therefore has the required knowledge, and handover from project to operations becomes smooth and easy. The MDM Factory and Arhis specialists provide deep expertise – but only when needed. Arhis currently supports many live MDM systems using this approach and it has proven to be the most efficient form of application maintenance.