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Building on our extensive experience acquired since 2003, we have, through the creation of Arhis MDM factory, streamlined and automated significant parts of the MDM delivery process. This has in several cases allowed us to reduce MDM implementation times by a factor 2 – 3.

Arhis MDM Factory produces pre-configured and pre-assembled software artifacts as standardized XML documents. These can be easily distributed and incorporated into the MDM implementation on site.

Leveraging Arhis MDM Factory, we can deliver a quick prototype of the MDM solution at the early stages of the project. Typically covering 80% of the requirements, this can help refine and validate the functional scope prior to embarking upon more complex and time-consuming activities.

Arhis MDM Factory benefits you - because we:
    • Deliver on time.

Increased team productivity through use of pre-configured XML artifacts

    • Think long term.

Easier to ensure MDM functions properly also after future modifications and upgrades thanks to consistent XML artifacts

    • Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Reuse software components and make modifications for the individual MDM configuration

    • Mitigate project risk.

Rapid prototype deployment helps refine and validate functional scope

    • Enhance team collaboration.

Arhis MDM Factory is built to enhance collaborative design