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What is customer data platform?

The aim of our CDP approach is to undertake a complete and operational 360-degree consolidated view: a unique customer with all his transactions, whatever their format or their source, displaying a profile that is widely shared.

It relies on our long expertise in terms of integration, quality management, match and merge algorithms, and mastering of any types of databases supporting the customer experience.

Service offering based on a 360º customer view

Identifiable and accurate data for marketing & analytics

Compelling value proposition thanks to a better knowledge of clients behaviour

The Customer Data Platform collect data from all touchpoints and ingest all types of information: transactional, declarative, behavioural, etc.

Then, the customer personal information and details are consolidated by master data management processes into a unique, most reliable version: The Golden Record.

Other records are linked with this unique Golden ID so they can be leveraged in any business cases, mainly through 3 connection processes: real-time exposure of the profile, near-real-time synchronization through data messages and mass export sorted out to fit other databases’ requirements: analytics, campaign management…

This platform supports all your marketing tools and achieves accuracy at each step of the customer’s journey, thus supporting your data-centric strategy.

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