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What is Master Data Management?

A Master Data Management (MDM) solution enables you to govern data shared by multiple applications: Customers, Products, Utilities, Employees, Codifications and other list of values.

Without MDM, incomplete and duplicated information is filled several times, within low quality processing: work overload, customer relationship issues, non-compliance with regards to regulations, etc.

A holistic and customized view of your data

Data connected with all your sources, available everywhere

Reliable data: Quality, lineage, security, compliancy

MDM is a game changer

Being a single point of truth for business, analytical and digital applications, it provides a consolidated 360 view via a fully custom data model.

It processes data integration from heterogeneous sources, ensures required quality by applying compelling deduplication mechanisms and complex business rules, replaces long and unreliable manual procedures by simple and secure workflows.

As a Data Hub, it propagates the best version of information through the appropriate type of processing: real time, near real time or batch.

Benefits are outstanding: quality, availability and freshness of your information, sorting out of duplicates’ issues, data governance processes mastering, compliance with regulations, better communication with third parties… Your Data-driven strategy is made possible.


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What are the most valuable data for your company?

Customer and other parties

Build the 360-degree view including any types of parties: customers, prospects, suppliers, partners, set up within a data model that reflects your business: Customers, prospects, suppliers and partners. Parties from several applications become unique, and their personal information and details are updated with the most accurate and exhaustive data, then shared within your IT.

Reference Data

Your metadata and lists of values: entities, codifications ... deserve a corporate repository to be used by everyone within their own business application. MDM solution enables you to standardize your metadata and achieve governance, then to propagate them to all IT systems.


Build a comprehensive, hight-quality view of your employees and their positions in the company as per any organisation: internal, legal, geographic,…

Propagate data in case of recruitments or employee evolutions in relevant applications, avoiding duplicates. Identify also any relationship like households, or even if your employee is also one of your customers,…


Connect in a comprehensive data model all company structures: Organization, management, legal, geographical and financial. Get a unique and shared point of truth as a foundation for your company’s strategic management.

Finances and management

Obtain a comprehensive view of your management and financial organisations: Business units, Business entities,... Associated with their services and contracts, providing a data driven view of your business. Connect them with other master data to identify your commitments and assess profitability for any customer according to its contracts.

Product / Infrastructure

With MDM, your products or services are no longer just embedded in your transactional data. They are unified in modeling and hierarchies, and linked with your suppliers, customers, service providers, etc... The same goes for your infrastructures. Hence, it gives you a better understanding to driving your business development.

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